What permissions does Yarrly use on my phone and why?

When you install Yarrly, it asks for the following permissions on install from your Android phone. Here we explain the reason for each one.

read phone status and identity
We use features of the phone you use to identify Yarrlys you create so you can retrieve remixes and replies to them. We don't store your phone number, contacts, personal details or anything else.

modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
We store your created Yarrlys and Yarrly bits in your gallery!

find accounts on the device
Yarrly uses a free service from Google called Google Cloud Messaging. To use it, the googly bit of Yarrly needs this permission so it can receive yarbottles when one of your yarrlys is remixed.

full network access - receive data from Internet - view network connections
Yep, Yarrly needs access to the global intersplag in order to function.

control vibration
Don't worry! Only used for notifications (yarbottles) - when they arrive, and it can be disabled.

prevent phone from sleeping
Yarrly uses Google Cloud Messaging, and it needs this permission so it can receive messages.

test access to protected storage
Yarrly uses this because it stores Yarrlys and yarrly bits on your phone.

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