How do I navigate around Yarrly?

Navigating Yarrly is really simple;

Bottom bar

  • The spy glass is a list of all trending Yarrlys, so any Yarrlys with lots of views or remixes will show up here
  • The treasure chest is where the Yarrlys that you have made are stored. The last yarrly you added to a chain will display on the top of the pile but when you tap on it you can see all the Yarrlys in the chain. Any Yarrlys that are pink and purple striped have not been uploaded yet... quick; upload them!
  • All of the actions you can take on a page are in the wheel menu. Tap the wheel to display any actions. Depending on what screen you are on these change so if you are making a Yarrly this will show 'create' but on any other screen you have options to make a 'new' Yarrly. If you are viewing a Yarrly you can tap the wheel to display the remix option. This menu is also displayed if you tap any made Yarrly.

Top bar

  • The life raft is your help menu and contains the extended walk through, pro tips, details of who made the app and what version you have
  • The pirate on the top might help you navigate back if you are in a sub menu (looking at an individual Yarrly), just like on standard android apps. He also looks cool.

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